Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can handwriting determine how you cope with criticism ?

The personality trait- "Sensitiveness to criticism" primarily deals with how much a person lets him or her get affected by the way what others think or say.
It can be termed as Fear of disapproval.

Certain characteristics possessed by a person with this trait as **-
- Such a person wants everyone to like him/her every time.
- Such a person has a need for approval from others.
- Such a person might get into the habit of reading between words and concluding that the other person has said a certain thing with the intention of criticizing him.
- Such a person has an over-bearing need to be praised all the time.
- Such a person has a tendency to be defensive when provided with a negative feedback.

Through these characteristics, though it may look that “Sensitiveness to Criticism” is actually something worthless to have in our personality. To counter this, consider the following situations**-
- A student criticized for showing poor results in the class, gets back in next exams with good results. Such a person knows how it feels like to be criticized and works harder not to be in same situation again.
- For the people in Showbiz, the attitude of “Everyone should like me” is critical to success as such a belief prompts these professionals not to allow anyone to criticize their appearances.
- In order to do his/her job better a salesman has to be sensitive to the needs of customers.

There can be some other situations like these as well. Most of the personality traits have desirable facets as well as the undesirable ones. The transition from the desirable to undesirable ones happens over a fine line and the person has to be smart enough to know when he is crossing that line or Graphology can definitely help you judge that.

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  4. I love how you don't isolate a trait as black/white and understand all traits are influenced by each other. You do it so effortlessly. Ahhhh..... you are good.