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What does Barack Obama's Signature tell about his personality ?

- Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th and current President of the United States
- He is the first African American to hold the office.
- Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review.
- On October 8, 2009, Obama was named the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
- Besides his native English, Obama speaks Indonesian at the conversational level, which he learned during his four childhood years in Jakarta.
- His first book was published in mid-1995. Known as "Dreams from My Father"

Obama tried to quit smoking several times over the years and has used nicotine replacement therapy. However in June 2010, during a congratulatory phone call to president-elect Benigno Aquino of the Philippines, Obama told Aquino that he had quit and would offer advice on how to stop smoking when Aquino was himself ready for that step.

Signature Sample:

A note about Signature Sample:

This Signature is of President Barack Obama signing the historic healthcare bill at the White House. What may surprise you is the fact that Obama used not one, or two, but 22 different pens to sign this history bill.
TIME magazine explains the rationale behind multi-pen signatures:
The pen used to sign historic legislation itself becomes a historical artifact. The more pens a President uses, the more thank-you gifts he can offer to those who helped create that piece of history. The White House often engraves the pens, which are then given as keepsakes to key proponents or supporters of the newly signed legislation.
More details here .

Barack Obama's Signature Analysis:

Barack Obama's Signature shows Desire for Responsibility . This may sound a very obvious trait for a person who is arguably the most Powerful person on Earth, handling country as big as United States and many a crucial World affairs. This trait is important in a Leadership role which requires a person to take up responsibilities abruptly. Obama has a desire to be needed by a large number of people. A sneak peak into earlier days of Obama reveals that in late 1988, he entered Harvard Law School. He was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year, and president of the journal in his second year. He has been wanting the responsibilities to do more from his early days.

Obama possesses Fluidity of Thoughts in his personality. Fluidity of thoughts at a granular level is the ability of a person to move from one thought to other with ease. This forms the basis of supreme Communication Skills that he possesses. He is also Frank and honest While relaying his comments and thoughts. He is known for his Oratory powers. One of the events that is widely considered as turning point for Obama's career is his keynote address in 2004 Democratic National Convention . The video of Keynote is here . This speech catapulted Obama in the National scene. His discourse was widely regarded as eloquent and inspiring. Many observers consider Obama such an accomplished speaker that they compare him with the great communicator of our era- Martin Luther King Jr., John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. His oratory powers are also acknowledged by Republicans as well. As Louisiana's Republican Governor Bobby Jindal commented on August 10, 2008,
"Senator Obama is one of the best Speakers- one of the most inspiring speakers- I've seen in a political generation. You have to go back to President Ronald Reagan to really see somebody who's that articulate." So much is the Influence of Obama's communication skills that Shel Leanne wrote a book- Say It Like Obama: The Power of Speaking with Purpose and Vision highlighting his techniques that makes him a speaker par excellence. Fluidity of Thoughts not only formed the basis of his speaking skills but also the Writing skills. He has also authored high impact books such as Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

Obama has the need to be Socially Prominent , as someone of enormous stature. He wants to stand-out in public. He has this innate need to be famous.
Obama has Immense Pride in self and his abilities also.

He possess good deal of determination in his personality. Determination is one positive trait that helps anyone achieve the goals one has set for self. Obama's rise in the United States political scene is nothing short of a miracle. He was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996 and he was President of United States by 2008. From being a State Senator to ruling United States in close to a decade is meteoric. Determination is certainly one of the traits that has helped him scale new heights while maintaining that burning passion.

Obama is Cautious in his decision making approach. He always choose to be careful in order to minimize risks. The cautious tendency reduces any impulsive behavior and causes one to weigh pros and cons before making decisions. He uses his judgment and is ruled by head and not by heart especially in decision making. In his article in Washington Post by Joel Achenbach, he says- "President Obama is almost defiantly deliberative, methodical and measured, even when critics accuse him of dithering. When describing his executive style, he goes into Spock mode, saying, "You've got to make decisions based on information and not emotions. Obama's style has been attacked from his left flank as well. Liberals have zinged him as being too cautious, too much of a compromiser." More on Joel's article here . He also possesses Perfectionism in his personality and that may be the reason i.e. to satisfy his desire for Perfection, some of his decisions take time but by general consensus are more articulate.

Obama possesses Analytical Thinking in his personality. Many theorists label him as more Analytical than George Bush . A person with Analytical thinking ability weighs one fact against another, coming up with well-considered decisions.

The basis of Barack Obama's Signature Analysis:

1. Picture Source-
4. The Book- "Say it Like Obama" authored by Shel Leanne.
5. The Book- "Handwriting Analysis- Putting it Work for You" by Andrea McNichol.


  1. The immense distortion in the relative proportion of his capital letters indicate extreme narcissism. Over-compensation for extreme feelings of inferiority. The loop on the "B" is not at the beginning; here is represents fluid thinking.
    A very egocentric, narcissistic signature!


  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

    The immense distortion in the relative proportion of his capital letters indicate extreme narcissism.

    I agree to an extent. It does represent Vanity, which could mean excessive Pride in self. I wish i had some examples from the real life instances, which i didnt find.

    A very egocentric, narcissistic signature!
    I think having ego or sense of self is a crucial part of one's success. Being Egocenteric may be takes things a bit too far. This version of Obama's signature reflects that. But i wont be judgemental to call entrire signature narcissistic as there are other aspects to his Signature which i have covered above.


  3. I am fascinated by how the O in his last name has several loops in the upstroke...I interpret these as careful in his decisions as he thinks them through.

    The way b slashes and is centered inside the O also fascinate me...he is either proud to be his father's son or resents it...or both. The slash doesn't ruin the O. He IS definitely creative just based on these 2 letters!

    I don't see signs of ill health, anger (cf:John McCain). I see fluidity of thought, clear thinking, firmness of mind, idealism, and the large caps I would interpret as reflecting a "paternalistic" attitude : ie wanting to take care of others (as he IS doing)rather than mere egotism.

    Overall, I like his signature. It is reassuring.

    1. I believe it's because they use so many pens when they sign a bill.

  4. Is no one concerned about how the b slashes through the O? The O is a communication letter. You can still clearly read the last part of his last name, which to me says that he articulates exactly what he wants to say but it may not be the complete truth.

    1. I kinda think that Barack Obama's signature tells it all...Check this out and tell me if you can see a "Sword" w/ a possible tiny cross at the top of the letter 'O'..( Is this his Muslim Brotherhood secret code?...also is the letter 'B' really a iIluminati number 13? I don't know, but when I first saw his signature I really thoughtt a small child wrote it...The lettter "O" isn't even a completed round circle...its stops and starts again!...Something about this signature makes my stomach crawl.. Anyone agree?

  5. its crap.. its designed for him.. its not his true personality.. Nd after changing pens so many times for one signature will surely distort the analysis.. good luck.

  6. hi there. nice bolg. you have shared useful information. keep up the good work! this blog is really interesting and gives good details.

    Handwriting analysis


    Here is an almost completely different signature that is used as his electronic, Presidential signature. Now keep in mind that he has chosen which one to use personally. All presidents pick their's out of dozens that they give as samples so the one that he thinks is best should give even more insight to his personality. I still see distinct slashing through the O and no careful thought is shown considering you can't even make out the rest of the letters after the initial B and O. Let me know what you think.

    1. I am amazed that someone, who is a leader of our country, isn't better educated in the art of penmanship!

  8. Thanks for sharing this perspective, Joe. This is really interesting. While it is hard to figure out the rest of the letters in his signature, it can be attributed to many reasons. One of them could be hurriedness while writing the signature (which usually happens if someone is writing it live). Other reasons could be doing it intentionally which would mean that the person really doesnt want to reveal much to public about his inner demeanor. A person can have multiple signatures (for different purposes) as long as legal aspects of that are taken care of.
    The case of multiple representation of handwriting or signature points me to something very basic i.e. a handwriting or signature represents the personality at the time of writing, it does not give much glimpse into past or future. Having said this, in majority of the cases the basic construct or building blocks of the handwriting i.e. the Slant, Size and pressure does not change as much (and it is evident in Obama's case also).

  9. On a different note..

    1. Are the handwriting traits specific to left-handed people? Is it possible that the same writing style should be interpreted differently depending on whether the person is left/right handed?

    2. Are their significant writing traits that are common to left handed people in general?

    Curious to know since Obama himself is a left-handed guy.

    1. We cross our T's from right to left. That's it. Some people think that a leftward slant in handwriting signifies lefthandedness, but that is not the case. Slant only indicates level of emotion and level of wanting to convey that emotion to other people. An extreme leftward slant, for example, would indicate a person feeling very strongly about something that they might not want to share or that they don't like the person they are writing to. Slant has nothing to do with handedness.

      Angle of the baseline, however, does. The baselines of left-handed people's writing slant downward, while the baselines of right-handed people's writing slant upward.

      This has to be differentiated from rising letters, though. Handwriting that rises from the baseline signifies optimism, enthusiasm, or energy, while drooping handwriting signifies depression or fatigue. Both left and right-handed people can have drooping or rising letters.

  10. I noticed that the big and round "O" of Obama is striked out vertically forming the Greek letter Phi which is also a symbol for the empty set in Mathematics.

    Obama's signature has changed since then and nowadays the "O" is more round and the "b" after it doesn't appear much.

    I liked the "feel" of the blog. Post something about Jack Lew's signature, now.

  11. It has been many years since I studied graphology but I see some interesting things in his signature. First is the b is trapped inside the O. This enclosing of letters or part of the signature can indicate a high degree of secretive tendencies. The B is also odd in that it appears incomplete, a bit arty but also a bit unstable or unsteady. It is not a bold and solid b with a good foundation. Indicates some uncertainty in the first name? The Signature is remarkable for its clarity. Each letter is clear and easy to read, except for the little b inside the O. It is common for famous people, political people and other people who sign a great deal to make their signatures streamlined. Kennedy was a K with a horizontal slash with no letters clearly visible. He was so important that everyone would recognize him just with the K. Obama takes the time and effort to make sure you know his name and there is no confusion.
    Finally, it is customary to leave a space between first and last names and yet he does not. Interesting that most people call him Barack Obama or Obama but it is only his wife that I remember calling him Barack. Interesting but does Mrs. Clinton call him Barack in public.


  12. Honestly, it just looks stupid.

    Like someone who tries too hard to dress cool and ends up looking lame but they don't know it.

  13. Is it just me? Or does the "B" in his fort mane look phallic?

  14. I don't think this sample is very useful for a good graphological analysis because the need to use multiple pens while writing must inevitably add a degree of stiltedness to the writing. I would want to see, not just his signature, but his actual handwriting in a letter or similar document, including a signature, to get a feel for what the President's handwriting is truly like and to be able to obtain a more accurate analysis.

    I am not a trained graphologist; I've simply read a lot of books on the subject. But what the 'b' and 'a' completely enclosed in the capital 'o' of 'Obama' says to me is that he feels a deep need to protect himself emotionally. In the electronic signature referred to above, I see that all of the other letters in his surname are enclosed in the 'o,' with just the tail of the final 'a' being outside it. I suspect that is probably more like his normal signature.

    Aside from that, I would say that this signature shows that he wanted to communicate clearly at the time of the signing. I think the electronic signature is just 'B. Obama,' probably neater than his usual for signing checks and memos, but not nearly as artificial as his signature for signing the Affordable Care Act.