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What does M.F. Husain's Handwriting say about his Personality ?

- Maqbool Fida Husain is an artist of Indian origin.
- According to Forbes magazine, he has been called the "Picasso of India".
- In 1955, he was awarded the prestigious Padma Shree prize by the Government of India
- He has been awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1973 and was nominated to the Rajya Sabha in 1986.
- He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 1991.
- Husain is among the highest paid painter in India. His single canvases have fetched up to $2 million at a recent Christie's auction.

After legal cases and death threats in his home country, he was on a self imposed exile from 2006. In January, 2010, he was offered the citizenship of Qatar, which he accepted.

Handwriting Sample:

The handwriting version is enlarged to improve the clarity.In a normal
view,the baseline in this sample may appear to slant down but this is not actually true(in context of surface on which it is written).

A note about the Handwriting Sample:

This Handwriting Sample of M.F. Husain appeared in the Magazine India Today print version (Dated 3rd-Oct-2005), which ran a feature on M.F.Husain.

M.F. Husain’s Handwriting Analysis:

Decision Making:
M.F Husain is more judgmental in his decision making without much influence of his emotions. He makes decisions by thing what is best for him in a given circumstance and won't get pushed around emotionally by other people. He is quite objective in nature and given to evaluation facts before taking decisions.

Emotional Outlay:
He is ruled by his head and not entirely by his heart. He is a cool, collected person. Some may see him as an unemotional person. He does have emotions like all the humans but feels no need to express them. He is kind of withdrawn into himself and enjoys being alone. He is a very level headed person and will remain calm in emergency situations. He is never quite impulsive.

Emotional Intensity:
He has a very deep and enduring feelings. Any emotional situation or feeling generally stays with him for a long time. He has definite likes and dislikes. He is a person who feels situations intensely. I believe this is one trait that is essential to being a successful artist. Unless an artist is able to feel the situation intensely, he/she won't be successful in portray it as a piece of art.

Ability to Focus:
He has a tremendous ability to focus on any project/task that he takes on. When he is focusing on some project then he forgets everything else that's happening around him. He has the ability to eliminate all outside noises, thoughts, interference, and ability to concentrate on one subject. When he concentrates, he becomes oblivious to everything around you. For an artist to be successful, ability to focus is the key.This is what gets the best thoughts.

Thinking Patterns:
He is the one having Curious/Investigative as well as Creative thinking patterns. Having multiple thinking patterns helps him to do justice to the tasks involving fast thinking/decision making as well as slow creative generation of ideas. He has an amazing ability to align his thinking patterns based on the situations. Probably that is one of the reasons that makes him a great artist and film maker and every other tasks he takes.
Being a Creative Thinker...
He thinks/creates much like a brick mason, stacking fact-upon-fact. However, the thought pattern is not complete until the last fact is in place. He constructs things and picture them in his mind. He tends to learn more quickly with demonstration rather than by reading instructions. But one every good thing is that once the knowledge is there, it stays with him forever..
Being an Analytical and Curious thinker...
He sifts and examines facts, he has this ability to consider the pros and cons. He interprets all the facts by separating them, breaking them down, and organizing them from a critical point of view. He does possess a strong reasoning ability.
Being a Curious thinker, he thinks rapidly if required by a situation. He can take say ten good ideas and quickly formulate into one idea that works.

Goals/Self Image:
He is a practical person whose goals are planned. He has this innate desire for well-defined goals. He has an ability to view the end of the project at the beginning (before he starts). Everything he does is mapped out- the entire route he is going to take. He plans everything in advance and finds joy in anticipation. This ability helps him in his profession as an artist as well as a film maker.

Will Power:
He exhibits tremendous will-power that helps him achieve his goals in-spite-of any difficulty he faces.

Attention to details:
He exhibits extreme attention to details. He is an observant person and notices everything. He tends to have a good memory.

He has perfectionism in his personality. He is a kind of person who takes time putting everything in place and reviews work thoroughly in order to make it precise.

Organizational ability:
He has this fine ability to create smooth-running order out of chaos. He tends to organize his time, work pretty well. This is an ability that helps him handle multiple tasks well.

Social Skills/Communication:
He has the ability to express his ideas smoothly and easily, moving from one subject to another with ease. He exhibits fluidity of thoughts and that makes him a good speaker and writer.
He is a kind of person who doesn't like beating around the bush and likes "to-the- point" communication.
He is quite selective in the choice of his associates and limits the close, intimate friends to only a few.
He is always honest and blunt when asked his opinions.

The basis of M.F. Husain’s Handwriting Analysis:

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