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What does Saina Nehwal's Signature say about her Personality ?

- Saina Nehwal is an Khel Ratna (highest national sporting award in India) winning badminton player.
- Saina is the first Indian woman to reach the singles quarterfinals at the Olympics and the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championships.
- Saina Nehwal made history on June 21, 2009, becoming the first Indian to win a Super Series tournament, by clinching the Indonesia Open with a stunning victory over higher-ranked Chinese Wang Lin in Jakarta. (The Super Series tournament is roughly equivalent to a Grand Slam in tennis).
- Saina Nehwal won 2010 Commonwealth games gold in Womens Singles Shuttle badminton .
- Saina Nehwal was rewarded with Arjuna award in August, 2009.
- Saina has been awarded with Padma Shri award in January 2010.

Saina is brand ambassador of Deccan Chargers, an Indian Premier League team owned by Deccan chronicle.

Signature Sample:

A note about the Signature Sample:

This Signature Sample of Saina Nehwal was featured in an Advertisement in Bangalore Times. This was the Advertisement of Fortune Plus Oil. This Advertisement came days after it was announced that her brand value has reached Rs. 1 Crore .

Saina Nehwal’s Signature Analysis:

Saina is Optimistic and Positive thinking by nature. The positive thinking attitude helps him believe that tomorrow will be better day and look at the brighter side of life.

Saina has the Desire to be different . She feels that she is stand out from the crowd and this difference is quite important to her. This trait is usually in teenagers when they try and be different from others by their various mannerisms, clothing etc. But i case of Saina, the reason for this difference is evident to the world. It is because of her skill at sport she loves more than anything- Badminton. Her discipline and hardwork are the key ingredients that sets her apart from any other 20 something in the country.

Saina possesses Leadership qualities and Healthy Self confidence. Healthy Self confidence is vital to one's success. It is more reaffirmation of the self. She has a Strong leadership qualities, and relies on herself. She has a great amount of Inner Strength , which goes a long way in making her a Champion that she is. It is her Inner Strength that has helped her win from tough situations. Her more recent victory in Commonwealth Games 2010, when she won from being a set down, saving a few match points went on to win the Gold. This gold eventually took India to #2 in the medal tally. This was a tremendous show of Inner mental strength.

Saina is Honest and blunt in giving her Opinions. It was her honesty that landed her in controversy for the remarks over India’s Commonwealth Games preparations.
At a function held at Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy in Hyderabad, Saina had said: ‘Looking at the stadiums and looking at the progress, I don't really think we are capable of holding such big tournaments because, you know, I have seen many Games like the CWG in Melbourne and Olympic Games in Beijing. Compared to that, it's not up to
the mark.
She later did backed off from these comments under immense media scrutiny.

Saina possess Healthy Ego and has a good sense of self. Her sense of self if not inflated and she comes across as a balanced personality.

Saina has a bit of Cautiousness in her personality. She is rather careful now in order to minimize risks. Such a behavior renders her less impulsive and she usually look before she chooses to leap. She was quick to apologize as soon as she realized her comment about Commonwealth Games would be taken out of context. This incident probably makes her even more cautious. This signature sample featured in an advertisement after the games.

Saina has the Acquisitiveness trait in her personality. She possess the need to acquire material things in life.
[Below news item updated on 16th-Nov]
Read in Times of India- Saina wants an Audi as Asian Games gift . This news item proves acquisitiveness for material things to some extent.

Saina is Open to other's ideas and philosphies . Before accepting the ideas, she always tend to question if a certain idea is best for her and in what way. She picks up ideas only after she is convinced that it will work positively for her. She is a Head over Heart person and is not impulsive in her behavior.

The basis of Saina Nehwal’s Signature Analysis:

Source of Saina Nehwal's Signature:

This news clipping is from Bangalore Times dated 31st-Oct-2010

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What does Barack Obama's Signature tell about his personality ?

- Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th and current President of the United States
- He is the first African American to hold the office.
- Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review.
- On October 8, 2009, Obama was named the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
- Besides his native English, Obama speaks Indonesian at the conversational level, which he learned during his four childhood years in Jakarta.
- His first book was published in mid-1995. Known as "Dreams from My Father"

Obama tried to quit smoking several times over the years and has used nicotine replacement therapy. However in June 2010, during a congratulatory phone call to president-elect Benigno Aquino of the Philippines, Obama told Aquino that he had quit and would offer advice on how to stop smoking when Aquino was himself ready for that step.

Signature Sample:

A note about Signature Sample:

This Signature is of President Barack Obama signing the historic healthcare bill at the White House. What may surprise you is the fact that Obama used not one, or two, but 22 different pens to sign this history bill.
TIME magazine explains the rationale behind multi-pen signatures:
The pen used to sign historic legislation itself becomes a historical artifact. The more pens a President uses, the more thank-you gifts he can offer to those who helped create that piece of history. The White House often engraves the pens, which are then given as keepsakes to key proponents or supporters of the newly signed legislation.
More details here .

Barack Obama's Signature Analysis:

Barack Obama's Signature shows Desire for Responsibility . This may sound a very obvious trait for a person who is arguably the most Powerful person on Earth, handling country as big as United States and many a crucial World affairs. This trait is important in a Leadership role which requires a person to take up responsibilities abruptly. Obama has a desire to be needed by a large number of people. A sneak peak into earlier days of Obama reveals that in late 1988, he entered Harvard Law School. He was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year, and president of the journal in his second year. He has been wanting the responsibilities to do more from his early days.

Obama possesses Fluidity of Thoughts in his personality. Fluidity of thoughts at a granular level is the ability of a person to move from one thought to other with ease. This forms the basis of supreme Communication Skills that he possesses. He is also Frank and honest While relaying his comments and thoughts. He is known for his Oratory powers. One of the events that is widely considered as turning point for Obama's career is his keynote address in 2004 Democratic National Convention . The video of Keynote is here . This speech catapulted Obama in the National scene. His discourse was widely regarded as eloquent and inspiring. Many observers consider Obama such an accomplished speaker that they compare him with the great communicator of our era- Martin Luther King Jr., John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. His oratory powers are also acknowledged by Republicans as well. As Louisiana's Republican Governor Bobby Jindal commented on August 10, 2008,
"Senator Obama is one of the best Speakers- one of the most inspiring speakers- I've seen in a political generation. You have to go back to President Ronald Reagan to really see somebody who's that articulate." So much is the Influence of Obama's communication skills that Shel Leanne wrote a book- Say It Like Obama: The Power of Speaking with Purpose and Vision highlighting his techniques that makes him a speaker par excellence. Fluidity of Thoughts not only formed the basis of his speaking skills but also the Writing skills. He has also authored high impact books such as Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

Obama has the need to be Socially Prominent , as someone of enormous stature. He wants to stand-out in public. He has this innate need to be famous.
Obama has Immense Pride in self and his abilities also.

He possess good deal of determination in his personality. Determination is one positive trait that helps anyone achieve the goals one has set for self. Obama's rise in the United States political scene is nothing short of a miracle. He was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996 and he was President of United States by 2008. From being a State Senator to ruling United States in close to a decade is meteoric. Determination is certainly one of the traits that has helped him scale new heights while maintaining that burning passion.

Obama is Cautious in his decision making approach. He always choose to be careful in order to minimize risks. The cautious tendency reduces any impulsive behavior and causes one to weigh pros and cons before making decisions. He uses his judgment and is ruled by head and not by heart especially in decision making. In his article in Washington Post by Joel Achenbach, he says- "President Obama is almost defiantly deliberative, methodical and measured, even when critics accuse him of dithering. When describing his executive style, he goes into Spock mode, saying, "You've got to make decisions based on information and not emotions. Obama's style has been attacked from his left flank as well. Liberals have zinged him as being too cautious, too much of a compromiser." More on Joel's article here . He also possesses Perfectionism in his personality and that may be the reason i.e. to satisfy his desire for Perfection, some of his decisions take time but by general consensus are more articulate.

Obama possesses Analytical Thinking in his personality. Many theorists label him as more Analytical than George Bush . A person with Analytical thinking ability weighs one fact against another, coming up with well-considered decisions.

The basis of Barack Obama's Signature Analysis:

1. Picture Source-
4. The Book- "Say it Like Obama" authored by Shel Leanne.
5. The Book- "Handwriting Analysis- Putting it Work for You" by Andrea McNichol.