Friday, September 30, 2011

Will you analyze my Handwriting ?

This is one of the most common questions that i get asked in this forum. So, i thought i will write a bit of my perspective around this here.
I took up Handwriting Analysis as a passion and something i got inclined to naturally during my early days. I did self-learn for quite some time and then ventured out to complete a professional qualification in Handwriting Analysis.

This is certainly something i want to do more and more of but as you would guess by the frequency of update in this blog that i haven’t fully been able to do the justice to it. I want to update this blog more frequently but more often it turns out to be a challenge to figure out the time post work. But i will still continue to update this as much and as fast and accurately as i can in the near future.

When i get asked the question "Will you analyze my handwriting ?", a part of me want to jump to the opportunity as there is something new to learn in every signature or handwriting sample, other part (which tends to be more objective) tells me to figure out the time before you make the commitment. More often, the later part wins.

I would like to add another perspective here. When i completed the professional qualification in handwriting analysis, i thought to take this up professionally (may be part time). But i did not choose to pursue the same, thinking that it would likely kill the joy i get. Over the years as i grew and started becoming more aware of things around, i started getting connected with some of the social causes (not because its fad, but i really wanted to for the reasons i can share if you like to hear). In my association, i always felt more of the people who drive these efforts are always short of cash or they cannot take up more just because they do not have steady flow of cash.

The various events that took place started compelling me to raise money for such organizations and thus the idea about using my skill in Handwriting Analysis to raise money was born. Though i realize it won’t raise mammoth funds but something is always better than nothing or than being just a mute spectator around. Also this will help me channelize the learnings about Handwriting Analysis towards making a little difference to someone's life. To know what we did in 2014 with the funds i gathered from all my hobbies, please do look here.

So, if you ask me "Will you analyze my handwriting ?", i would request you to read this post and get back to me if you are still interested. I probably am not asking for a huge sum here (and if you are my friend/known to me i might ask you to give whatever you feel is ok :-)) and i have observed that the gains of getting the handwriting analyzed are plenty if done properly. This is one science that helps you connect with your inner self and can potentially tell you a lot more about yourself. There is even a part of this science called as "Grapho-Therapy", which helps bring the change in you by practicing and changing the strokes of your handwriting. If you are wondering about what i wrote, yes one can change handwriting and change certain aspect of one's personality but it requires practice as is needed with any change.

If you are interested to know what type of analysis, reports i will generate and associated reasonable costing, please email me at
My Facebook page also has some information around the work we do. Do visit and Like (if you really like the stuff there:-)

Note: Please do not view this post as a sort of Self-promotion. Just wanted to put things in perspective and for that some facts needed to be mentioned.


  1. Hey nice post. Thanks for sharing. I do believe in handwriting analysis. I even had my own handwriting analyzed by experts and by graphotherapy, I have great change in my personality. It is actually true and worthy.

  2. fanttastic and useful we blog thanks for piblisling his ti's usful and informahie keep up the great.


  3. This is really interesting blog. Please give more quantification to your analysis in Graphology. Add more to a table so that we can compare to our own handwritings. Give some tips to improve our kids handwriting so that develop towards positive attitudes.

  4. Thank you are your interest, Pavan. I am really not sure what you mean by "Please give more quantification to your analysis in Graphology.". Kids handwriting is certainly a separate subject, which i will try and attend to sometime in this blog.
    Thank you for visiting and sharing your comments.

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