Thursday, November 22, 2012

Left handers and Handwriting Analysis- Is there something distinctive here ?

One of the readers of my blog- Mr. Rajat S commented the following on one of my blogs-

1. Are the handwriting traits specific to left-handed people? Is it possible that the same writing style should be interpreted differently depending on whether the person is left/right handed?
 2. Are their significant writing traits that are common to left handed people in general?
 Curious to know since Obama himself is a left-handed guy.
There are valid question given the fact that many studies suggest that 70-90% of the World population is Right-handed. Left handed people are for sure a rarity in this world. 

The above question is quite common and there is a reason to it. As i have observed, some of the left-handers have the tendency to write the strokes from up towards down and generally the right-handers write from down to up strokes. If you are a right hander, just observe how you write a letter say "A". In most probability, you will start from the left bottom part and move up. While some left-handers due to the grip they use, might tend to start from the top most point in the letter "A" and go down, lift the pen, go up and complete the stroke. These basic differences sometimes gives an impression to the people that there might be some different traits associated with the left-handers

The answer to the question posed by the gentleman in my blog is a simple No. There aren't any handwriting traits specific to the left-handed people.

The search for this answer really takes me to the basics of the handwriting analysis which stresses that hands are just a vehicle to write something but the way the strokes gets formed come straight from one's brain. Handwriting Analysis has a basis in neuro-science. In simpler terms, it means that various personality traits are represented by different unique neuro-pathways in one's brains. When we write these pathways gets transmitted into the various strokes via the nervous system.
 Now, i may not have used the accurate biological terms to explain this but i do hope that it gives you an idea about the role of the hands in writing. In some literature, one's handwriting is also referred to as "brain-writing" for the reasons mentioned above.

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  1. It is a true fact that with the help of Handwriting one can know the personality's of a person. So, by this means handwriting act as window to know about personality. I have taught handwriting to kids for years, and appreciate its complexity. I love, personally, the fountain pen. It gives a person a sense of artistic creativity when writing. When not keyboarding, or using a fountain pen, I enjoy the Space Pen.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this Anuj. Its really interesting to know that while the 'method' may be the different, the 'end results' are similar in term of personality traits.

    Always enjoy reading your blogs. Kudos!

  3. Well, it is true that left-handers tend to be more "creative" and "artsy" than right-handers, but actually, that is not entirely true. Yes, left-handers may be naturally born and gifted with more creative skills, but those skills can be developed by anyone, leftie or rightie.

  4. Hello Amagazine,

    Awesome post and very interesting, I am also left-handed but I don't know about this facts that's way I have bookmark this page, give me update like this in future also.

    Thanks for post.