Friday, May 7, 2010

Does your signature reveal your actual personality ?

Consider a large gathering of people and one person at ease delivering a high quality presentation which is appreciated by one and all attending the gathering. Later this person mingles with people, discusses with the post presentation questions again with a smile on his face. After the session gets over the same person goes back home and prefers to be not disturbed and be just left alone for hours together doing an activity he/she likes doing, he speaks to those around him on his own terms largely as single word answers.
Another example say when a person tends to be always on time for meetings, attending calls but when the same guy reaches close to his near and dear ones, he is never punctual, just like to laze around.

These examples suggests that human beings tend to have two different representations of themselves- one largely for public and one that he actually is at the core. Practically, its very hard to separate these 2 representations as the public profile often gets influenced by the inherent personality of an individual. If you just take a look at the day that just went by, there can be more such examples of how we tend to be different in our personal life as against the public life. Though the degree of this variance differs from one individual to the another but such difference exists for sure.

Coming back to Signature analysis, the Signature of a person is synonymous to one's public life. It reveals the characteristics of the personality that we tend to portray to the external world, which is necessarily not similar to what we are at the core of our personality and usually is a more polished way to represent ourselves (depending on the context).

Overall, in my experience- signature reveals a very important information about an individual. The overall personality characteristic of an individual will always be better read and understood when done in conjunction with public personality and the private(core) personality.

So, in overall context of things, a handwriting sample of an individual reveals his core personality traits and the signature reveals the projected public personality traits.

In the upcoming posts, i will be covering more on analyzing Signatures, basically sharing how i go about doing the same. Stay tuned!


  1. Anuj,

    I do not know that you are good at this. Interested to know your comments for me :)

  2. Thanks for visiting Ananth. If you are interested to know comments about you, you ought to share your handwriting!

  3. i wanted to know that is there any way in which i can also analyze my own signature or handwriting. i would be great of yours if you could help me about this.
    Kindly reply …………

  4. thats really great man
    how to send you signature for analysis?

  5. Rakesh- Thank you for vising the site and for your comment. Please see this page on how to get signature analyzed.