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What does Brett Lee's signature say about his personality ?

- Brett Lee is a fast bowler in Australian Cricket team.
- He was one of the fastest bowlers in the World Cricket. Lee's fastest recorded delivery to date is 161.8 km/h (100.5 mph) which he bowled in a test match against West Indies.
- He has been a successful bowler for Australia in all forms of the Game- Tests, ODIs and T20.
- Lee's 161.8 km/h ball is the fastest recorded ball to date but was debunked right after an hour as three radar guns were not properly aligned and the back-up radar gun recorded the speed in 150s only.
- During the early 2000 tour to New Zealand, Lee was reported by umpires Srinivas Venkataraghavan and Arani Jayaprakash for a suspected illegal bowling action. He was later cleared
- Lee is part of the rock band Six & Out. The band is made up of his brother Shane and former New South Wales cricketers Brad McNamara, Gavin Robertson and Richard Chee Quee. Lee plays the bass guitar or acoustic guitar for the band.

Brett Lee's Signature Sample:

A Note about Brett Lee's Signature Sample:

I had never seen Brett Lee's autograph before i bumped into Castrol Cricket blog by the man himself. This blog can be accessed from here . This actually a video blog and the autograph appeared in the Preview of the video. I almost felt excited to dissect the autograph and know the man beneath.
As with all the Signature samples available on the Internet, there is no way to determine the pressure of Signature. And also, since his exact Handwriting sample is not available, it deprives the person analyzing the signature for some valuable information. But i chose to go with what was available and Signature do give a lot of insights into the Public profile of an individual. Read on to know more about Brett Lee.

Brett Lee's Signature Analysis:

He possesses the need to be Socially prominent , someone who is of big stature. He has a need to stand out from the crowd. He has a great deal of Self pride and this trait is something that is a fodder for people who are extremely passionate. This trait comes naturally to a successful Sportsman, who is always in limelight. Cricket is a sport with mass appeal atleast in the countries where it is popular. Brett Lee is definitely one of the most charismatic names in Cricket. The very notion of being Socially prominent goes hand-in-hand with being in limelight. Off-field too, Lee has been a part of Advertisement and he even has is own fashion label BL .

Brett is quite Frank and Open minded while communicating and giving opinions in general. If someone asks such person a Frank question, he/she will receive a Frank answer. Partly because of this aspect of his personality (apart of his Cricketing ability, of course), he is quite a popular personality.

Brett exhibits a special trait called as Desire for responsibility . A person with this trait yearns for responsibility and feels restless when given less than they can handle. He always likes to handle that extra responsibility and this aspect of personality goes a long way in making him an Integral part of the team. He handled the Australian pace attack when the champion pacers Glenn McGrath retired. He was more successful spearheading the bowling attack for Australia. Desire for responsibility is a true Leadership trait as what distinguishes a true leader is how much they are willing to own the circumstances and go beyond it.

Brett is a Dreamer . Dreamers are often thought of as a people who can think of Impossible goals. They are risk takers. Its one thing to have High goals in life but entirely a different thing to have dreams. It is this aspect of his personality that has seen him reach and perform consistently at the highest level in Cricket. His dreams are beyond Cricket as is evident from his involvement in singing and movies. During the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy in India, Lee recorded a duet with India's music diva Asha Bhosle called You're the One For Me. The song reached a peak position of number two on the Indian and South African charts. In 2008, he filmed scenes for his first Bollywood movie Victory.He once hosted a short-lived TV program called "Personal Best".

Brett exhibits Fluidity of thoughts in his personality. The people with this trait are naturally great speakers and writers. The prime aspect with this trait is that the thoughts flows naturally without any internal distractions. Its because of this trait Lee has been a good conversationalist and is often writing columns for newspapers and blogs (Castrol).

Brett possesses good deal of Determination in his personality. Determination is certanily one of the essential ingredients of a Successful person. this trait coupled with Desire for Responsibility has worked wonders for Brett. He has made many comebacks to the National side either due to injury or due to bad form. This man never gave up without a fight. His most recent comeback was in Australia’s World cup 2011 side. I can never forget a sight when he was hit badly on the eyebrow while fielding in Quarter-Final vs India. He was bleeding all over and it almost felt that he is gone for the match. But die to his determination, he came back in next few overs and was bowling superfast at 145 + speed. This story has more on Lee's famed comebacks despite career threatning injuries.

Brett is a Positive Thinker . He is always inclined to see the positive side of any situation. That is probably the reason that he always tends to have a Smile on his face no matter how tough the situation might be. Positive thinking along with Determination is a true asset that helps him surpass insurmountable obstacles.

The basis of Brett Lee's Signature Analysis:

The Source of Brett Lee's Signature Sample:

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