Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What does Cem Kaner's Signature say about his personality ?

- Cem Kaner is one of the highly respected personalities in the Software Engineering fraternity espacially Software Testing.
- Cem Kaner J.D., Ph.D., is a Professor of Software Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology.
- He has authored many books on Software Engineering including the Best Sellers Testing Computer Software , Lesson Learned in Software Testing and have to his credit numerous publications on Software Testing and broader Software Engineering topics.
- In 2004 he cofounded the non-profit Association for Software Testing (AST), where he serves as the Vice-President for Publications. AST is credited with arguably the best courses available on Software Testing and many a Software testers have got the necessary boost to their careers with that education.

Cem Kaner's Signature Sample:

A note about Cem Kaner's Signature Sample:

I first saw this Signature Sample in this document created by Ajay Balamurugadas . There was a Screen shot of a Certificate stating that Ajay Balamurugadas has completed the Black Box Software Testing Bug Advocacy Course. One of the Signatories of this Certificate was Cem Kaner. Since this Screen Shot was a bit small sized, i requested to Ajay to send the Original scanned copy, which he graciously did.
Most of the Scanned Signatures have some disadvantages primary of which is that it is not possible to judge the Handwriting pressure. Pressure is an important indicator of emotional intensity, which inadvertently affect every other human personality trait. Other than this, the Signature is best analyzed if there is a corresponding Handwriting Sample available. There are some important Personality traits that get revealed via positioning/Slant/Size of Signature w.r.t to Handwriting and much more. So i had to do the analysis without this Information at hand.
Finally, Signature of a person is synonymous to one's public life. It reveals the characteristics of the personality that we tend to portray to the external world, which is necessarily not similar to what we are at the core of our personality and usually is a more polished way to represent ourselves (depending on the context).
Having said this, the below analysis is my honest attempt to arrive at the personality information about a person whose work i admire a lot. Someone who is a role model.

Cem Kaner's Signature Analysis:

Cem is a Cumulative Thinker . Cumulative Thinkers thinks or creates much like a mason, stacking fact over fact. In this thinking pattern, the conclusion, is usually not complete until the last fact is in place. Such a thinker prefers to learn more through demonstration, by preferring to experience something rather than simply following any written or verbal instruction. This may take longer to learn but something once learned is retained for a long, long time. These are all the signs of a methodical thinker, who can build things and come up with the new ideas based on previously learned material.

He has Very High Concentration levels. People with high concentration have this ability to eliminate all outside noises, thoughts, interferences, and the ability to concentrate fully on one subject. He has this tremendous ability to focus on something he sets his mind on.

Cem generally Likes to have all the facts before coming up with a decision . There are people who make take decisions just on the surface level information, Cem is not one of them. He is usually quite Cautious in his approach . A Cautious person is inclined to be careful in order to minimize risk and reduce any impulsive behavior.

Cem has Self Consciousness trait in his personality. Such people usually do not like to be center of attention e.g. When such a person enters a gathering full of people, he may prefer to go to sidelines until he has everyone catalogued in his mind, probably may not initiate a conversation till a certain comfort level is reached.

Cem is quite Frank , Honest and Open minded while communicating and giving opinions in general. If someone asks such person a Frank question, he/she will receive a Frank answer.

He possesses the need to be Socially prominent , someone who is of big stature. He has a need to stand out from the crowd. He has a great deal of Self pride and this trait is something that is a fodder for people who are extremely passionate.

The basis of Cem Kaner’s Signature Analysis :

- Image Source:
- The Book- Handwriting Analysis- Putting It to Work for You by Andrea McNichol
- The book- Handwriting Analysis by Bart A. Baggett


  1. Hi Anuj, 'appreciate your analysis and the presentation
    Would like to add your dissertation, the caps in sign. low set Descending into lz, show determination and also coupled wt long ending stroke the habit of "digging heels in".
    The elephant 'a' health issues/unresolved conflicts.
    The missing r carelessness/incompletion

  2. Thanks for your comments, Naresh. I agree on the Determination part, probably i missed a mention of that my report. I have avoided mentioning traits specific to health issues in the handwriting as i beleive that is one area that (Handwriting-Health connection) is still being researched for authenticity.

    Again regarding missing "r", i cannot mention that as i am not aware on what situation this signature was made. Most of the Signatures done in a hurry (like when Sports people give autographs), there are often some portions that dont seem legible. But to comment on that rather accurately it would be good to know the background, situation behind the signature.

    Appreciate your comments!

  3. i wanted to know that is there any way in which i can also analyze my own signature or handwriting. i would be great of yours if you could help me about this.
    Kindly reply …………