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What makes Aamir Khan bounce back successfully after facing tough times ?

I know reading the title you must be wondering - " Aamir Khan and Tough times", doesn’t go well together at all. After all, we are talking about the man how is considered to have Midas-touch in Indian cinema much like Mahendra Singh Dhoni did for Indian Cricket. For the man who has come up with consistent blockbuster movies in the last decade (not only as an Actor but also as a Producer and Director), the term "Tough times" may not sound all that right. But looking back his life and history suggests some serious dips in career and personal life.

Consider the time after 2001 and his blockbuster movie- Lagaan , Aamir took a break of almost 4 years and came up with a Movie called Mangal Pandel: The Rising , which turned out to be a dud at the Box office. Moreover, this was a phase in which he dealt with divorce and a sort of separation from his kids during this phase. Not only this, during the initial times when he started his career as a full-fledged actor in the year 1988, he faced quite a lot of flop films through-out his journey. Moreover, he has had a rough patch when dealing with his brother. His launch film failed miserably and then in 2007 he lost the custody of his younger brother in an ugly court battle.

Such times often gets over-shadowed when people think of him. And this perception that he has created has been as a result of lot of result oriented films in the past decade that went on to create history at the Indian box office (wont use the term "Bollywood" as this is opposed by many Industry veterans). The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri in 2003 and the Padma Bhushan in 2010 for his contributions towards the arts. A very handful of active actors have received Padma Bhushan.

It has been more of a see-saw life rather than a fairy-tale that Aamir Khan has lived, unlike the popular perception people carry about him. The kind of lows he has seen can break any common man and the kind of highs he has seen can make the same common man insane.

I am often intrigued by the lives of such people. What is it that makes him come back so strongly even after been hit by severe setbacks in both personal and professional lives ? There ought to be something made up of steel in his personality that refuses to break him in troubled times and at the same time maintain his sanity to keep his creative juices flowing. It is with this intrigue that i started to look at his handwriting to find some answers and perspective.

Lets take a look at his Handwriting Sample below-

One of the first things that strike me is the first letter of his signature "A". The way it has been formed suggests something unique. The stroke forming the letter "A" goes back and the goes forward further on the right side. This is a unique formation that signifies Persistence . Simply put, Persistence is a trait that says "Don’t Give up". Whatever the situation, whatever the condition, the people who persist in their endeavours believe that tomorrow would a better day even if slightly. They have this innate ability to see the light in a dark tunnel when everyone has given up and lost hope. This seems like a foremost trait that can help people come out or atleast give the belief that they can come out of the troubled time.

The underline or underscore below his signature suggests Self Reliance or Leadership . People with Self-reliance has the ability to take the tough times head-on and gives them necessary confidence and ability to do things to come out of the same.

The large capital in his first name ("A") also suggests that he has as immense sense of self . He has this innate desire to stand-out of the crowd that drives him. While most common people would have broken down in the situations he has faced (where not only mammoth money but a lot of professional and personal credibility is at stake), he gets driven to fight the situation out and stand-out.

These three aspects (suggested by his handwriting) of his personality make him so competent to deal with monster problems and come out as a winner.

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