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What makes Fauja Singh run marathons at the age of 100 ?

There are many phases in life where one looks out for Inspiration. Inspiration, in reality can come from many sources like people, nature, monuments, kids, could be anything.

Of all the inspirational people i have met or came across in my reading endeavors, Fauja Singh is certainly one of a kind, literally unmatched at what he does best. I remember during my early days and even now, to have cited age as a reason for not doing something.

I cant play Cricket at higher level because i am already in my 20's.
I am too old to become an expert any anything.
I wish i could have been born few years earlier so that i could have learned computers while in college.
I am too old to play with small kids.
I am too old to take risks and start my own entrepreneurial venture.

If i keep thinking, this list would go on a bit farther.

Well, in the realm of day-to-day lives, saying one cannot do something because of age factor may sound like a right enough justification if keeping only sound logic in mind. Afterall, age does take a toll on our minds and bodies, Right ? All these may even sound scientifically correct until you have heard and assimilated the story of one Fauja Singh . I happened to read his biography sometime back, let me share a few facts about Fauja-

- He started running long distances at the of 89. Yes, you saw it right- 89!
- He ran long distances in excess of a Full marathon, which is a tad more than 42 kms.
- He recently became world's oldest man to run a marathon, at the age of 100!
- When he started running, he didnt just strolled casually. He has a record of completing the marathon in record time of little more than 5 hours. For the folks who have run the marathon, ask them- this is an unbeleievable time for completing a full marathon.
- He has traveled across the world in his 90's on numerous running expedition.
- Some may call him gifted but the fact is that he started walking only at the age of 5. In the normal course, kids start walking when they are close to 1 year.

If whatever is written above doesnt startel you, nothing else would. In my rather short timespan on earth i have seen people who tend to give up on something they like too soon citing age (For example an acquaintance's back problem, he cited "old" his age of 32 as a reason, of all things). I have seen people who tend to stop living once they reach retirement age, chosing to just live life for they have to live. Amidst all this despair and hopelessness, Fauja's story is one remarkable one. Some learnings from his life-

- no age is too less to indulge in a new interest or passion.
- no age is too less to excel at anything.
- no age is too less to make your dreams come true.
- Humans can do remarkable things as long as they are alive.

Author Khushwant Singh in Fauja Singh's biography- Turbaned Tornado writes-
Fauja, besides being defiant and stubborn, is a very determined fellow.Perhaps it is a combination of these three qualities that has given him this longetivity and ability to accomplish derring do feats at this age.

Lets delve deeper into three traits that author has mentioned and whether someone's handwriting can help reveal those. Please note that Fauja's handwriting samples arent available simply for the reason that he is illiterate.

A Defiant person is the one who resists other's authority. This trait is often seen as resentment at being told what to do and as rebellion. This can be easily explainable in Fauja's case that he resisted so many people who tend to discouraged him to not take up running at such an old age.

Defiance can be revealed by one's handwriting as follows-
A large lower case letter, espacially "K" anywhere in the writing.

Determination simply is Firmness of purpose; resoluteness.

Determination can be revealed by one's handwriting as follows-
Downstrokes extending below the baseline. They must be extensions downward of strokes starting in the mundane area.
The longer the stroke below the baseline, the more enduring the determination.
The heavier the stroke, the more forceful and strong the determination.

A Stubborn person is more braced towards his own ideas. He rarely admit that he is wrong and don’t want to be confused with the facts after he has made up his mind.
Stubborn is a fear of change for the sake of change.Stubborn person thinks he is always right and takes a stand. He don’t even look at the other side and weigh other possibilities.
Stubbornness is a strong defense trait. The stubborn person might say "i refuse to accept your argument, whether they're right or wrong." It is often a negavive trait as it never lets you accept anyone's ideas.

Stubbornness can be revealed by one's handwriting as follows-
Revealed by "t" and "d" stems shaped like a tepee or upside down "V"

Do you still feel Age is not just a number ? Think Again!

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    r6roberto robert o'keefe
    @ @anujmagazine Running a marathon at this age is definitely a state of mind over matter... Inspirational.

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