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What does Stephen Covey's signature depict about his personality?

Recognized as one of Time magazine's 25 most influential Americans, Stephen R. Covey has dedicated his life to demonstrating how every person can truly control their destiny with profound, yet straightforward guidance.

• Authored four titles with sales exceeding one million copies each: First Things First , Principle-Centered Leadership, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
• The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was named the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century
• Over 20 million books sold (in 38 languages)

Signature Sample

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A note about Signature Analysis

First thing to note is that the analysis results may differ quite much from the Handwriting analysis results of an Individual. The main reason for this is that a person's Signature reflects his or her's public self image i.e. how a person wants himself to be percieved or seen in public also how a person behaves in public. So Signature analysis may not reveal core trait as handwriting would because people behave differently in public that at home or with near or dear ones. But none the less, it reveals an important and relevant information.
Usually, the Signatures are best analyzed when a person's Handwriting sample is also available because Interpretation may vary depending upon differences in size, slant, legibility, direction of both handwriting and the signature samples.
This signature analysis for Stephen Covey is done in isolation with handwiting as the handwriting sample was not available.But nevertheless, the signature releaved quite rich information about Stephen Covey's personality as stated below.

Stephen Covey's Signature Analysis

Stephen Covey possesses fluidity of thoughts . Fluidity of thoughts denotes the ability of a person to move from one thought to other or from one thought pattern to another with ease. This trait gives him immense ability to write or express his ideas with graceful fluidity. This is a single trait that probably makes him such a great writer and a good conversationalist.

Diplomacy is one of his noticeable attributes. He has the ability to say what others want to hear. He has the flair to state things in such a way as to not offend someone else. This trait again helps him in being a great speaker and especially in putting his point across with poise.

He is an investigative thinker . He thinks rapidly and has a desire to satisfy many curiosities, always enquiring and curious about many things. It is this trait that has possibly led him to explore diverse personal effectiveness aspects.

He has the desire to take more responsibility . With this trait, he doesn’t get easily satisfied with the status quo and always strive to handle more responsibility. That probably explains why he has been successful in writing so many best sellers as always desired for more.

He possesses great deal of enthusiasm in his personality. Enthusiasm is a key ingredient to his success in the chosen field because it motivates one towards positive action. Enthusiasm is a producer of confidence and generates that extra spark that makes him great.

He is more braced towards his own ideas. Many people known to him might think of him as stubborn because once he makes up his mind, he don’t really wish to be confused by facts. Once he thinks he is right, he takes a stand and sticks to it.

The part of his signature also signifies disappointment or negative feelings towards his public self image in the business world or particularly the area of his work. This is probably because (as his signature indicates) he has tendencies to be a loner i.e. a feeling that he is very self-sufficient and always trying not to need anyone.

He is a practical person whose goals are planned, is practical, and down to earth . This is typical of people with healthy and positive self-esteem that contributes to his success. He has a need to visualize the end of a project before the start. This trait has probably helped him in authoring great successful books.

The basis of Stephen Covey's Signature Analysis

The image below depicts the building blocks of the above Signature Analysis.

These build blocks are useful to understand the thinking behind my thinking in coming up with the handwriting analysis. I would be eager to know your comments/ thoughts.

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