Monday, September 13, 2010

Completing my Handwriting Anaylsis schooling...

This is a news item that i was featured in. This stuff is not new, i think around December 2005 when i completed my Certification in Handwriting Analysis. Just thought to share through this medium.

I am fourth from Right in the Picture.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What does Abhijit Bansod’s signature depict about his personality?

- Abhijit Bansod is a quirky designer from India.
- It was the vision of Abhijit Bansod that transformed Titan into a design-centric company telling genuine Indian stories.
- He went on to Pioneer the uniquely Indian 'Heritage' and 'Raga' collections at Titan.
- He now runs his own Product design company, 'Abhijit Bansod Designs' - or Studio ABD - a company specializing in product design and the 'Indian Story'.
- In less than a year, ABD has produced one iconic product: a table lamp for BPL called as StudyLite .
- His creations won him NID Businessworld Designer of the year Award for 2008.

Trivia: Among other notable products, ADB also designed the IPL trophy.

Signature Sample:

This Signature Sample is resized for better readibility

A Note before you read the analysis:

I got this Signature Sample after i purchased one of the ABD creations, the StudyLite table lamp. This Signature Sample was inscribed on a paper that came with the lamp. My general observation is that the Signature samples that also serves on the advertisement are not 100% same as the actual signatures because sometimes printing takes it toll ans also you cannot judge the pressure in such a situation. Also, my experience tells me that Signatures are best analyzed along with Handwriting sample. For example, one can derive more accurate meaning if you how is Singature sized as against the handwriting, how is it slanted as against normal handwriting, Also positioning of Signature gives some good information and there can be many more such insights that can be derived. So, had more information been available, the analysis would have been more elaborate.
So, obviously Signature Samples from Such sources have some issues, which i think you would appreciate now. But nevertheless what is presented to you in this analysis is my best attempt and i hope you will enjoy the same.

Abhijit Bansod's Signature Analysis

Abhijit Bansod has a Desire to be different . A person with this trait usually feels I have something that sets me apart from others and this difference is quite important to me. Given his closeness to India and its unique culture, he imbibed and used this differentiation in his Product designs which were so refreshingly Indian and gave him something that set him apart from the crowd. He really had this innate desire to do something different in his early days. Even for his Diploma project, he had approached Bajaj for doing People's car in an auto riskshaw base. One of his first design intervention abhijit omelet in 1995 at NID campus is a big business today !

He possesses Fluidity of Thoughts in his personality. Fluidity of thoughts denotes the ability of a person to move from one thought to other or from one thought pattern to another with ease. This trait gives him immense ability to write or express his ideas with graceful fluidity. In a way Fluidity of thoughts is one of the prime personality trait if one were to create an Idea into a complete package that could be sold to customers. Most of the times people get wonderful Ideas but they fail to get productized sometimes because the ideas lack spark but generally because the idea lacks necessary fluidity to presented in a way that wins over the hearts, minds and souls of the people concerned. In case of Abhijit, as his Signature shows he possesses necessary fluidity. The one reason that he is sucesful is because of his unique blend of ideas tied closely with common man's requirements (StudyLite) and Indian culture but one main reason is that he has this knack to deliver/communicate ideas in a way that leaves a lasting impact and this comes with fluidity of thoughts. In 2002, he designed Titan 'Heritage' collection of watches and then Titan 'Raga', which became hugely successful. Most of his designed products became hits after the successful story telling around the product by him and his team.

He possesses the need to be Socially prominent , someone who is of big stature. He has a need to stand out from the crowd. He has a great deal of Self pride and this trait is something that is a fodder for people who are extremely passionate. The signatures of former US Presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter also have this trait. This is one trait that has possibly helped Abhijit to really stand out and make a mark for himself in a field in which there are not many parallels in India. Afterall, historically Indian products were rarely associated with the terms like Sublime design.

He is an Investigative and Exploratory thinker . Such a thinker thinks rapidly and has a desire to satisfy his many curiousities, is constantly inquiring , always curious about many things. Such people always are studying something new, something better and always seem to have a ready comeback in any argument.This trait goes well with Fluidity of mind and make a very potent combination. For his quest in learning something new- he studied Japanese design philosophy, Scandinavian design philosophy, Italian design philosophy before curious wondering whether there is anything called as Indian design philosphy. Something that he has strived to work to find answers for in his design creation.

The basis of Abhijit Bansod’s Signature Analysis

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1. The book- Connect the Dots by Rashmi Bansal. Some of the Introduction text and stories about his personality has been referred from this book.
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3. The book- Handwriting Analysis by Andrea Mcnichol