Saturday, June 18, 2011

What does Prakash Iyer's Handwriting say about his personality ?

- Prakash Iyer is an Author of the book- The Habit of Winning , a unique book driving the wisdom through some simple everyday stories.
- He writes a monthly ‘Motivation’ column in Careers 360 magazine .
- He is an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and currently the Managing Director of Kimberly Clark Lever.

Prakash's first book The Habit of Winning was at the top of Business best-sellers as listed by Business Standard within a few months after its launch.

Prakash Iyer's Handwriting/Signature Sample:

The handwriting sample is not in its original size. Resized to improve the readibility.

A Note about Prakash Iyer's Handwriting/Signature Sample:

I got the access to this Sample while i purchased Prakash's book The Habit of Winning . I think i must have been one of the first few people to have brought this book, that’s why i got this book personally signed by the author himself (Check the Source of handwriting section below). I had been quite inspired by his articles in Careers 360 magazine (I infact used to buy the magazine only to read his article, which used to appear in almost every edition).
One difference that this sample has (which not many samples in this blog had) is that it contains both his signature as well as a piece of handwriting. As Signature usually represents one's Public self, having both Signature as well as the handwriting helped arrive at more balanced overview of his personality.

Prakash Iyer's Handwriting/Signature Analysis:

Prakash uses his judgement to make decisions without any/much of influence of emotions. People with this trait wont get pushed around emotionally by other people. He is ruled by his head not the heart . He is a cool, collected person who may be un-expressive emotionally. Some people may see him unemotional. He has emotions but may not have the need to express them at a drop of hat. All his conclusions/decisions are made without outside emotional influence.

He is objective and given to evaluating facts before taking decisions. He is very level headed and will remain calm in an emergency situations . Such a person is never quite impulsive.

Prakash has a moderate emotional intensity . People with moderate emotional intensity may get extremely mad and angry today, by tomorrow he will have forgotten the anger associated with the problem. He will not understand why someone would still be angry or upset at yesterday’s incident. Such person do not carry grudges for a long time. He usually have "Forgive and Forget" sort of philosophy.

He has Perfectionism trait in his personality. People with this trait usually have this need to ensure that everything is in order and following the set norm. Such people may spend a lot of time putting everything in place and review work trying to make it more precise. Also there is a desire to have excessive need for control in certain areas.

Prakash possesses Leadership qualities and Healthy Self confidence . Healthy Self confidence is vital to one's success. It is more reaffirmation of the self. He has a Strong leadership qualities, and relies on himself in tough situations.

Prakash exhibits Fluidity of thoughts in his personality. The people with this trait are naturally great speakers and writers. The prime aspect with this trait is that the thoughts flow naturally without any internal distractions. Though i have never heard Prakash speak, One of the prime reasons he is such a fabulous author is because of this trait and has this knack to express things in a simplified manner for the audience to fathom.

Prakash exhibits Defiance in his personality. A Defiant person usually tend to resist forces which he thinks are infringing upon his freedom of action. The defiant person doesn’t like to be "managed" and is always alert for any sign of unjust authority. Such a person may come and tell you, "I am sorry you don’t like my doing this, but that’s the way i am going to do it; whether you like it or not!". Defiance is not necessarily a negative trait but is usually an important Leadership behaviour in many situations.

Prakash is an extremely Loyal person does not offer his friendship lightly or casually. A loyal person is faithful to his ideals.

Prakash is quite Frank and Honest in giving his opinion. If you ask him a direct question, you'll get a direct answer.

Prakash possesses Multiple thinking patterns . Some individuals possess several types of thought processes/ These people have a variety of thinking styles to choose from, depending upon the circumstances. Prakash possess this trait of versatile thinking patterns.
Being a Creative Thinker...
Prakash thinks/creates much like a brick mason, stacking fact-upon-fact. However, the thought pattern is not complete until the last fact is in place. He constructs things and pictures them in his mind. He tends to learn more quickly with demonstration rather than by reading instructions. But one every good thing is that once the knowledge is there, it stays with him forever…
Being an Analytical...
Prakash sifts and examines facts, he has this ability to consider the pros and cons. He interprets all the facts by separating them, breaking them down, and organizing them from a critical point of view. He does possess a strong reasoning ability.

Prakash behaves the same way in Public as in private. Such a person doesn't put on airs or change personalities when in public. What you see is what you get.

The basis of Prakash Iyer's Handwriting/Signature Analysis:

The Source of Prakash Iyer's Handwriting/Signature Sample:

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- The Book- Handwriting Analysis- Putting It to Work for You by Andrea McNichol
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